A7 - From the ground up - a research-based approach to designing development Activities in Knowledge Exchange

Day 1 at 15:20 - From the ground up - a research-based approach to designing development activities in Knowledge Exchange


Day 1
Session A
Start time 15:20

Research Staff

Code A7

Dr Emma Compton-Daw - Academic Developer (Research), University of Strathclyde

Fiona Conway - Academic Developer (Knowledge Exchange), University of Strathclyde

Dr Katie Wheat - Training and Resources Development Manager, Vitae   


Workshop overview:

The University of Strathclyde, as a leading international technological university, places a strong emphasis on Knowledge Exchange alongside the traditional academic roles of Research and Teaching. It is the first University in the UK to implement a Knowledge Exchange career pathway and all academic staff are expected to undertake Knowledge Exchange activities as part of their role. In order to support staff to excel in this area, the Organisational and Staff Development Unit (OSDU) has implemented a unique Knowledge Exchange development programme incorporating both accredited, taught provision to Masters level and a bespoke CPD programme.

A research-based approach was used to design this programme following extensive stakeholder consultation. Researchers in Knowledge Exchange roles, staff supporting Knowledge Exchange activities and external Knowledge Exchange partners, were consulted through programme of focus groups and one-to-one interviews. During this workshop we will discuss the emerging themes and how these have shaped the programme. There will also be the opportunity for participants to discuss the role of Knowledge Exchange at their own Institutions and share best practice around this provision.

Workshop topics covered:

  • What do you understand knowledge exchange to be and how does this vary across different institutions and disciplines?
  • What support do researchers, and their knowledge exchange partners, need in order to undertake successful Knowledge Exchange activities?
  • What are the skills and development opportunities are necessary to facilitate development of knowledge exchange professionals within the academic environment?
  • What support is offered for Knowledge Exchange development across different Institutions?

Themes covered:

  • New approaches to enabling researchers to reach their potential and make powerful career choices
  • Leadership development for researchers
  • New and interesting ways of supporting mobility - international, intersectoral, interdisciplinary and virtual mobility
  • Researchers' development across boundaries: learning from international collaborations, exploring inter-cultural competences and business/industry collaborations in developing researchers

Workshop outcomes:

During the workshop participants will:

  • Understand the research and scholarship methodology employed for programme design
  • Examine the importance of research in programme development
  • Discuss the role of Knowledge Exchange at their own institutions
  • Understand the needs of researchers involved in Knowledge Exchange activities
  • Share best practice around Knowledge Exchange Development provision
  • Discuss the need for the promotion of professional standing within this domain.


Information, interaction and discussion