B8 - Using PRES to enhance provision for doctoral researchers

Day 1 at 16:30 - Using PRES to enhance provision for doctoral researchers
Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 16:30
Strand Postgraduate Research
Code B8

Dr Alex Buckley - Surveys Manager, Higher Education Academy 

Shaun McGall - Student Engagement and Quality Enhancement Officer, University of Bath


This workshop will explore how institutions are using PRES to enhance researcher development provision for doctoral researchers: the opportunities and challenges. The landscape of doctoral education has changed considerably since PRES was introduced in 2007, and even since the last major review in 2013. The Research Councils are now funding doctoral training partnerships (DTP), centres for doctoral training (CDT) and collaborative training with non-academic partners, where researchers are experiencing different research and training environments within, and across different institutions. Many institutions have also introduced structured doctoral programmes. The recent growth in professional doctorates raises the issue of whether PRES is capturing and reflecting the views of these researchers, for example some institutions register professional doctoral researchers as postgraduate taught in their first year. 

Workshop topics:

  • Understanding the landscape of doctoral training programmes and impact on the views and experiences of researchers
  • Ensuring PGR representation and engagement

Workshop outcomes:

  • A better understanding of how PRES data can inform enhancement
  • Examples of how institutions are mining PRES data to explore the experiences and views of different researcher cohorts
  • Recommendations on how PRES could evolve to reflect the changing nature of doctoral provision