C3 - Join the coaching revolution: researcher developers as agents for change

Day 2 at 11:00 - Join the coaching revolution: researcher developers as agents for change
Day Day 2
Session C
Start time 11:00
Strand Research Staff
Code C3

Dr Natalie James - Research Staff Officer, University of Sussex

Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden - Independent Researcher Development Consultant

Workshop overview:

Evidence demonstrates that coaching aids individuals to grow their potential and make better choices in all aspects of their lives. Many public and private sector organisations experience the benefits of coaching at individual, team and organisational levels. Vitae's "Coaching for research in UK higher education institutions: a review" (2011), indicated UK universities were recognising the potential value of coaching researchers; however, four years on there remains varying engagement from institutions.

Researcher developers are perfectly positioned to stimulate a coaching culture to the advantage of researchers; our institutions; and ourselves. 

Workshop participants will investigate collective experiences of coaching researchers, share what works (and what doesn't); and analyse expectations, motivations, and outcomes from coachee, coach and organisational perspectives.

There will be opportunities for participants to connect with others interested in coaching researchers, with a view to developing a UK-wide community that will share experiences and on-going peer support for their practice. Participants will also be invited to contribute to a collaborative toolkit to support those wishing to embed and maintain a coaching culture within their institution's researcher development provision.

Workshop topics covered:

  • Sharing current coaching practices at various UK institutions
  • Effective techniques and styles for coaching researchers
  • Ethics, boundaries and challenges to consider when coaching researchers
  • Benefits of coaching for researchers, institutions and researcher developers
  • Developing as a coach: expanding your researcher development skills portfolio
  • Embedding coaching within researcher development practice and planning a coaching intervention in your own institution

Themes covered:

  • New approaches to enabling researchers to reach their potential and make powerful career choices

Workshop outcomes:

  • Assessment of best practice and techniques in coaching researchers
  • Collaborative toolkit of resources to support coaching interventions for researchers
  • Peer action learning set and/or online community for those interested in coaching researchers


Information, interaction and discussion. Participants should be prepared to include examples from their own experience during discussion.