A3 - Researcher development - I'm an academic why would I participate?

Day 1 at 15:20 - Researcher development - I'm an academic why would I participate?


Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 15:20
Strand Postgraduate Research
Code A3

Prof Laura Poole-Warren - Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Training) and Dean of Graduate Research, UNSW Australia

Cecilia Stenstrom - Director, Researcher Development, UNSW Australia

Workshop overview:

UNSW Australia aims to provide career relevant and effective researcher development. Prior to 2013, a program based approach was used. Analysis of participant feedback on the program suggested that effectiveness was influenced by factors such as participants' age, level of prior experience, their work environment and the educational design of the program. It was clear that different modules within the program had different value to a participant depending on the above factors. Since 2013, an integrated career development framework has been progressively introduced. The framework offers contextualised, curated modules and events that individuals pick and choose based on their current need. This researcher driven approach allows selection of modules and events that address development in the areas of scholarly research, teaching and service, the three areas required for academic career progression. Researcher participation has increased by 400% since the introduction of the framework and the implementation of the researcher driven approach.  Expansion of the reach of modules is being addressed through blended learning approaches based on online modules combined with face to face workshops.

Workshop topics covered:

  • An introduction to the UNSW Australia Academic Career Development Framework and related policy
  • UNSW Australia context
  • Aligning with academic promotion areas of performance
  • Researcher driven development
  • Principles underpinning the design and delivery of training and development solutions that promote timely engagement by researchers irrespective of their career stage
  • Model improvements and sustainability challenges

Themes covered:

  • New approaches to enabling researchers to reach their potential and make powerful career choices

Workshop outcomes:

Gain insight to the:

  • Challenges of building an integrated yet researcher driven development model
  • Effective and sustainable design of researcher centric development strategies and tactics
  • Alternative approaches to supporting researcher development 


Presentation, information and discussion