C1 - Successful models for providing training opportunities to postdoctoral research staff

Day 2 at 11:00 - Successful models for providing training opportunities to postdoctoral research staff
Day Day 2
Session C
Start time 11:00
Strand Research Staff
Code C1

Dr Katie Wheat - Training and Resources Development Manager, Vitae

Dr Emma Compton-Daw - Academic Developer (Research), University of Strathclyde


Building on a recent Google Hangout, jointly hosted by Vitae and UKRSA, this workshop will discuss the value of different models of training activities with particular reference to experiential activities such as research staff associations and the use of technology to reach those who are not able to attend events in person.

We will also present data from a survey of research staff, looking at the factors that attract research staff towards professional development opportunities, and which activities they find are most valued by their institutions, by their supervisors, and by themselves.

An audience of researcher developers and other stakeholders, together with current and former research staff will discuss the available evidence, in light of their own experiences, to produce a recommendations briefing to be used by staff supporting the development of postdoctoral research staff.

Topics covered

  • An overview of experiential professional development opportunities for research staff
  • Using technology to enhance professional development for research staff
  • The experiences of research staff; survey results

Conference themes

  • Sustainable practice to support researcher skills, professional and career development
  • Building institutional capacity for researchers’ professional development to maintain research excellence

Workshop themes

  • New approaches to enabling researchers to reach their potential and make powerful career choices


  • Understand a range of potential opportunities for the training and development of research staff
  • Recommendations for successful development and engagement of research staff


  • The session is a mixture of presentation and interactive group discussions