D10 - Career paths for young researchers within and outside of academia

Day 2 at 13:45 - Career paths for young researchers within and outside of academia
Day Day 2
Session D
Start time 13:45
Strand Research Staff
Code D10

Iben Roerbye - HR Consultant and Project Manager, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Ditte Thoegersen - Project Manager, University of Copenhagen

Dr Irene Garcia - Enterprise Officer, University of Aberdeen

Prof Etsuko Tanaka - Assistant professor, Nagoya University, Japan

Dr Lucy Leiper - Senior Researcher Developer, University of Aberdeen


Higher Education institutes continue to recruit increasing numbers of postgraduates and postdocs, and many must continue a career outside academia. The career paths for researchers are ever more diverse and competitive. It is essential that the training and development opportunities offered by Universities meet their needs. In this session, the Universities of Aberdeen, Copenhagen and Nagoya will showcase different projects that have explored the changing requirements and career paths of postgraduate researchers and postdocs and how to address them within our Universities. This will be a world café style workshop in which participants will explore themes around; researcher’s aspirations and career paths; new approaches to skills training and employer skills requirements.





10 min

University of Copenhagen

The voice of PhD students and Postdocs

10 min

Nagoya University

The training of PhD students and Young Researchers’ transferrable skills

10 min

University of Aberdeen

The voice of Alt-Academic Employers

5 min



30 min

World Café

Participants are divided into 3 groups. Each university will facilitate a table discussion (10 minutes) where the group will address 3 specific questions based on the host University’s project. Thereafter the group will move on to the next table discussion.

15 min

Feedback and questions

All participants gather and share the most important insights from each of the three table discussions. Moderated by Lucy

University of Copenhagen: The voice of PhDs and Postdocs: UCPH has carried out extensive quantitative and qualitative studies among doctoral graduates and Postdocs about their current career opportunities as well as their wishes for future career prospects.

Nagoya University: The training of PhD students: Transferable skills, doctoral education: An internal focus: how do we make sure, that the researchers obtain the needed skills for their future careers in the current labor market for PhD holders?

University of Aberdeen: Alt-academic employers: Exploring employer’s perceptions of researchers and the skills they have: What are the benefits of employing researchers in private sector jobs; what are the skills gaps?  How do we increase knowledge of the value created by researchers in companies?

Themes covered:

  • New approaches to enabling researchers to reach their potential and make powerful career choices
  • Researcher development and researcher careers evaluation and impact studies to further our understanding and knowledge of the researcher landscape


Information, interaction and discussion