Menu and features

Information on useful features found under some of the menu items

Programme, Workshop and Special Interest Sessions:

view programme sessions details, Tap the + symbol to register yourself on a session.  Added session will automatically be added to My Schedule

Participant list:

Static list showing name, organisation and title

My Schedule:

Dynamic list of added sessions.  Tap on the tick symbol to unregister yourself from session.

Networking > Check-in and Networking:

Check-in to conference and view list of checked in participants.  Tap the  +  symbol to request to connect to another checked in participant.

Networking > Messaging:

Private message checked in participants who have accepted your request to connect.

Networking > Interact:

View feed of check-in activity, added posts and photos.  View all checked in participants. Tap the  +  symbol to request to connect to other checked in participants.  Add posts and photos to conference activity feed.

Networking > Photo Album:

Add photos to the conference photo album.  Only app admins can remove photos (see Help > Contacts for names)

Help > Maps - plans of the venue with named locations

Help > FAQs – useful information about the conference and venue

Help > Contacts – list of people providing support for the conference and the app

3MT > Finalists - introducing the six 3MT competition finalists

3MT > Judges - introducing the judges of the final round

Offers > RDF Cards - order packs of RDF cards at the conference offer price of 2 packs for £100 + VAT + PP.  Orders taken via the app over the conference period. Cards despatched by post after the event.

Twitter - connect to your Twitter account to see and post to the #vitae16 twitter feed from within the conference app.  The app will be able to:

  • Read Tweets from your timeline
  • See who you follow, and follow new people
  • Update your profile
  • Post Tweets for you

The app will not be able to:

  • Access your direct messages
  • See your Twitter password

Note on navigating menus in Android phone app:

  • Click on the main menu icon to return to the main menu
  • The Networking and Help menu options are folders containing further menu options.  To return to the main menu when you are in a folder, click on the parent folder (Networking or Help)

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