SISA5 - Why do we do what we do? Using careers enrolment data to plan careers services and activities for researchers

Day Day 1
Session Special Interest
Start time 17.30
Code SISA5

Kate Murray, Careers Consultant for Researcher, King's College London

Donald Lush, Careers Consultant for Researcher, King's College London


The session will examine the use of newly-available data on the career intentions and aspirations of PhD students for planning careers services and activities. It will compare data from two contrasting research areas, and look at work we have done to plan careers management workshops and employer input based on the information we now have about career intention and sector area interests.

Participants will help us evaluate the usefulness of the data, given that the questions posed were developed with undergraduate responders in mind. We will ask participants their views and experiences of using this, or similar, data and discuss how our plans could develop as more data is gathered.

This session is aimed at anyone interested in having an evidence base for their training and development programmes, specifically careers professionals seeking better insight into the needs of their PhD clients.


  •  Evaluation and impact studies of researchers careers to further our understanding and knowledge of the researcher career landscape in UK and internationally