SISB6 - A survey of good practice in careers provision for doctoral researchers across national and international institutions

Day Day 1
Session Special Interest
Start time 17.30
Code SISB6

Dr Sharon Milner, Employability Development Manager, Ulster University


This session will disseminate the findings from a survey carried out by the AHECS Postgraduate Students Working Group exploring good practice in careers provision for doctoral researchers across 47 national and international institutions.

These findings explore a broad range of topics ranging from institutional strategies, doctoral research internships to specific careers provision, delivery and support such as that provided for international students. Detail is provided in relation to courses, workshops and events offered, careers resources that are currently being used, and how the impact of this careers provision is monitored and gauged.  Some of the challenges currently faced when working with doctoral students along with practice sharing/ innovation for the future will also be explored.

This session will provide ample opportunity for participants to discuss the findings in light of their own practice.


New and successful ways of supporting researchers’ mobility including international, inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary and virtual mobility

Researcher development within structured doctoral programmes, including perspectives on doctoral training centres/ partnerships, Innovative Training Networks (ITNs) and other cohort based models; including European and international collaborations and organisational benefits and challenges in managing diverse researchers’ experiences