C2 - Solutions for researcher developers to support effective and sustainable research staff associations

Day 2 at 11:00 - Solutions for researcher developers to support effective and sustainable research staff associations
Day Day 2
Session C
Start time 11:00

Research staff / talent development

Code C2

Dr Emma Compton-Daw, Academic Development Lead (Research), University of Strathclyde

Dr Sandra Oza, Researcher Development and Projects Officer, University of Dundee

Sandy Sparks, Learning and Development Consultant, Research Active Staff, University of Warwick

Dr Katie Wheat, Training & Resources Development Manager, Vitae

Dr David Finger, UKRSA Co-Chair and Research Co-Investigator, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield 

Workshop overview: 

Research Staff Associations (RSAs) provide a number of unique opportunities for research staff, including networking, project planning and taking on leadership roles in a range of areas outside of their discipline. Researcher Developers have a pivotal role to play for the continued success of RSAs, but they may be unsure how best to support these groups and where the boundaries lie. During this workshop researcher developers and research staff will share their experiences of setting up, supporting and sustaining RSAs, at institutional, regional and national levels. Participants will be able to discuss both challenges and solutions around supporting RSAs and outcomes from the day will be taken forward to create a briefing document.

Workshop topics covered: 

The session will cover:

  • RSA models and their associated benefits and challenges for researcher developers, research staff and institutions
  • The role researcher developers can play in supporting the success and sustainability of RSAs
  • How RSA activity can augment HR-Excellence submissions/renewals

Themes covered:

  • Engaging research leaders, principal investigators and supervisors to transform professional development of researchers and embed professional development in the research environment
  • Leadership development of early career researchers including researchers as leaders in different disciplines

Workshop outcomes: 

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Be aware of the benefits of RSAs
  • understand barriers that different types of RSAs face and the role researcher developers play in overcoming these
  • considered how they can best support their researchers through the use of RSAs
  • have contributed to a briefing document for researcher developers setting up and supporting RSAs


Interactive workshop and group discussion