B2 - Turn a team of experts into an expert team; insights, tools and best practice from the science of team science field

Day 1 at 16:30 - Turn a team of experts into an expert team; insights, tools and best practice from the science of team science field
Day Day 1
Session B
Start time 16:30

Principal investigator/supervisor development

Code B2

Dr Amy Moore, Researcher Development Manager, Institute of Cancer Research

Dr Elise Glen, Researcher Development Coordinator, Institute of Cancer Research 

Workshop overview: 

In order to address major global challenges, the way in which scientific research is funded and conducted has changed (1). With greater emphasis on interdisciplinary, cross-organisational teams, organisations must provide appropriate support to individuals to enable them to work well with collaborators.  This has led to the evolution of an evidence-based field in the US called “The Science of Team Science”. In the UK, the Academy of Medical Sciences report (2) identified recommendations to enhance team science in key areas such as communication, recognition and reward, career development for those outside traditional career paths and appropriate training e.g. in leadership, conflict resolution, unconscious bias and team working.

This workshop will identify and share ways that researcher developers support their clients to gain the skills needed for collaborative interdisciplinary research in universities or research institutes.  In addition, we will explore opportunities to collaborate across our own organisations to develop joint initiatives to support a wider pool of researchers in the sector.

(1) Cooke & Hilton, Enhancing the effectiveness of team science, 2015

(2) The Academy of Medical Sciences, Team Science- A Discussion Paper, 2012

Workshop topics covered: 

  • What is team science and why is it important that researcher developers support teams of experts to become expert teams?
  • What actions can researcher developers take to enable effective team science?
  • What tools are available to support team science

Themes covered:

  • Engaging research leaders, principal investigators and supervisors to transform professional development of researchers and embed professional development in the research environment
  • Leadership development of early career researchers including researchers' as leaders in different disciplines
  • Researcher development across boundaries including international collaborations, inter-cultural competences, international researchers' experiences, business/industry collaborations and engaging society through open research.

Workshop outcomes: 

Participants will: 

  • Gain an appreciation of the challenges for scientists working in interdisciplinary teams.
  • An insight into some practical tools that can be used by researcher developers to enhance team science
  • Have the opportunity to share practices in their own institution and consider opportunities to collaborate on initiatives across our own organisations.


This workshop will introduce the field of “the science of team science” and explore how researcher developers can support researchers to tackle the challenges of interdisciplinary collaborations.