P8 - Can mindfulness through meditation or Origami be used to support resilience and well-being in researchers?

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 19:00
Code P8

Dr Richy Hetherington, Postgraduate Skills Development Co-ordinator (Lecturer), Newcastle University


Daniela Izquierdo, PhD Student, School of Engineering at Durham University

Michael Atkinson, Teaching Fellow, School of Medical Education at Newcastle University

Dr Richy Hetherington, Postgraduate Skills Development Co-ordinator (Lecturer), Newcastle University


As researchers aim to make new discoveries the significant failure rate of experiments and the complexity of research can be difficult aspects to cope with. This maybe particularly true for research students moving from serial success in taught study to the research world where results or positive outcomes are by no means certain. Researchers should meet these challenges head-on but should also be provided with appropriate support. Vitae's Researcher Development Framework identifies personal qualities (B1) such perseverance, resilience, and self-confidence as important. However, universities' development Programmes tend to focus more on other aspects of training. Mindfulness may provide such support. Here we investigate two approaches that can support the resilience and well-being of researchers, through mindfulness meditation and the use of Origami as a tool to help researchers materialise, and manage emotions such as stress. Initial results appear positive. A study of 37 participants showed that Origami has great potential as a tool for stress identification and reduction with 65% reporting to be 0% stressed after engaging in this activity.