P2 - How to assess effectiveness of professional development programmes

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 19:00
Code P2

Professor Etsuko Tanaka, Designated Assistant Professor, Nagoya University, Japan


One of big challenges in professional development is how to assess improvement of skills through an educational program. An objective assessment for effectiveness of an educational problem is indispensable in order to show its significance and to make future improvements. 
In this session, two case studies are chosen to illustrate our assessment methods for effectiveness: a presentation skill workshop and a creativity training in NC, U.S.A., to learn entrepreneurship. 
To assess improvement in presentation skill, students are to give a five minutes presentation before and after the workshop, and an independent evaluator is to assess the quality of presentations without any knowledge on its order (i.e., presentation given before or after the workshop) and to score grades based on a set of evaluation criteria. By comparing scores before and after the workshop, we can quantitatively assess the effectiveness of the workshop.
To assess effectiveness of the creativity training, participants are asked several questions before and after the training. The questions include, for example, their perception on relationship between entrepreneurship and research activity and their views on what matters most to be creative. By comparing students’ answers before and after the training, we can qualitatively evaluate if and how our objective is achieved.
Additionally, participants will share and discuss other possible assessments on professional development programs.