P6 - PGR Key Skills Development Programme at LSBU

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 19:00
Code P6

Peter Doyle, Research Environment Coordinator, London South Bank University


LSBU's Key Skills Development Programme has been running since 2003, and provides development through an annual reflective cycle which forms the heart of the programme, allowing for effective skills analysis, and the formation of an agreed development plan. All PGR students are enrolled on this programme. Reflective practice is the means by which PGR students ensure that their development needs are met, and key competencies delivered. In keeping with LSBUs real world research ethos, a CPD portfolio approach delivers the evidence of engagement. Training provision is innovative and integrated, ensuring that it is fit for each stage of the PGR programme, and linked to Vitae's RDF. Core, School & Optional seminars, workshops, and other pathways to learning deliver practical training and support for all PGRs in the London Doctoral Academy. Responsive to feedback, the training provision is updated and refreshed on a regular basis, its offer improved on a regular basis.