FAQ for the mobile app

What platform is the app based on?

The app is a Guidebook app.  If you are already a Guidebook user, you can use your existing Guidebook account for the Vitae conference app.  If not, we recommend that you register when you get started in order to benefit from the scheduling and networking features the app provides

Is the app available for all devices?

The app is available for all smart phones and devices connected to the Internet. Native apps provide full functionality and are available for iOS, Android, Amazon, and Blackberry 10+ devices.  For Windows phone and all other Internet connected devices, there is a web app which provides most but not all support features

Which features are not supported in the web app version?

  • Voting from the 3MT competition is not supported on the web app
  • Maps are not interactive on Guidebook web. Guides will use static maps.
  • “Messaging,” “Checking in as an Attendee,” and the "Connect" feature are not currently available in web app version.
  • Push notifications from the conference organisor are not sent to the web app version.

Getting started

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