SISB6 - Developing Intellectual Leadership Programme (DILP): Explorations and Reflections

Day Day 1
Session Special Interest
Start time 18.00
Room Oxford
Code SISB6

Dr Ian Fairweather, Researcher Development Manager, University of Manchester


The Developing Intellectual Leaders Programme (DILP) is a small cohort PGR programme piloted in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester in response to the Faculty's strategic aim to train future intellectual leaders. The notion of "leadership" invokes a variety of assumptions that discourage early career researchers from identifying themselves as a leader. The programme allows participants to challenge preconceptions of leadership and explore what leadership means to them on a conceptual and practical level within the context of their PhD programme. 
This workshop session presents insights derived from the development, implementation, and impact of this programme on the participant's understanding of themselves as intellectual leaders. The audience will be guided through a series of activities designed to replicate on a much smaller scale the way in which PGR students experienced this programme in order reflect their own perceptions of themselves as intellectual leaders and explore ways in which these perceptions could be developed.