D3 - Mentoring outside the box: Cross-institutional boost and peer-to-peer nationwide programmes

Day 2 at 13:40 - Mentoring outside the box: Cross-institutional boost and peer-to-peer nationwide programmes
Day Day 2
Session D
Start time 13:40
Room Hampton
Research Staff
Researcher Developers
Code D3

Jos Finer, Head of Organisational & Staff Development, University of St Andrews

Dr Sandra Oza, Research Development and Projects Officer, University of Dundee

Julie Ramage, Senior Research Manager, Glasgow School of Art

Jen Reynolds, Professional Development Manager, Vitae

Workshop overview: 

Mentoring is a firmly established and widely recognised approach to supporting professional and career development for researchers - and researcher developers. Most institutions either have provision in place or are planning mentoring programmes. However, programmes with partnerships across institutions, are still very rarely seen in the UK HE sector. 

This workshop looks at two different types of mentoring scheme which operate outside the institutional box. 

The first of these presents four institutional perspectives from Universities taking part in a single collaborative cross-institutional programme for researchers.

The second looks at a mentoring programme supporting researcher developers in Universities across the UK. 

The workshop will explore the additional benefits which can be derived from cross-institutional mentoring programmes, as well as the potential risks, and the practicalities of setting up, managing, and participating in schemes across institutional boundaries.

Participants will be able to evaluate their own opportunities for cross-institutional mentoring collaborations, based on their current level of provision and need, and will consider their own development needs as researcher developers.  

Workshop topics covered: 

The workshop will cover:

  • Different institutional perspectives on participating in a cross-institutional mentoring scheme
  • The potential benefits of cross-institutional collaboration and how it contributes to impact of mentoring experiences
  • The risks of cross institutional mentoring programmes
  • Practicalities of setting up and running mentoring programmes across institutions
  • Opportunities for taking part in cross-institutional mentoring
  • Mentoring for researcher developers across institutional boundaries 

Themes covered:

  • Benefits of mentoring across institutions, to the participants and the institutions
  • Considerations in setting up collaborative programmes
  • Participation in mentoring for researcher developers

Workshop outcomes: 

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Appreciate the costs, risks and benefits of cross-institutional mentoring for researchers
  • Understand a range of practical issues associated with establishing and managing mentoring schemes cross-institutionally 
  • Have considered their own opportunities for cross-institutional mentoring collaborations
  • Be aware of the mentoring programme for researcher developers and the potential benefits of participation


The workshop will be based around short presentations from different contributors, which will include case study material from mentoring participants.

There will also be opportunities for group work and discussion around some of the key themes of the workshop.