D6 - Supporting the mobile researcher through innovative virtual research development

Day 2 at 13:40 - Supporting the mobile researcher through innovative virtual research development
Day Day 2
Session D
Start time 13:40
Room York
Research Staff
Doctoral Researchers
Code D6

Dr Sam Hopkins, Researcher Development Officer, University of Surrey

Dr Erin Henslee, Researcher Development Officer, University of Surrey

Elizabeth Jones, Researcher Development Administrator, University of Surrey 

Workshop Overview:

In line with the growing globalisation of research itself, a large number of our researchers are based worldwide. Researchers based off campus often feel they miss out on development opportunities, as well as the sense of researcher community that is often so vital for success. This workshop will discuss the novel ways we address the development needs of Surrey’s globe-trotting researchers with a programme that is inclusive to the distance researcher, whilst also enhancing the campus-based researchers’ experience. Participants will be invited to discuss how their respective institutions addresses the needs of these researchers. We will employ the GROW coaching model to facilitate an open conversation concerning the success and challenges in designing such a programme.  

Workshop topics covered:  

  • Supporting researchers worldwide

  • Novel approaches to researcher development – moving away from the workshop model

  • Engaging remote researchers

  • Enhancing the researcher community through inclusive researcher development

  • Are there any unique developmental needs of the off-campus researcher?

  • What the word community means to researchers and the institutions 

Themes covered: 

  • enhancing organisational capacity for innovative professional development to maintain research excellence
  • meeting the future development needs of researchers for a wide range of careers in and beyond academia 

Workshop outcomes:  

By the end of the workshop, participants should: 

  • Identify new ways to support off-campus researchers

  • Discuss the barriers and challenges of engaging a remote group

  • Consider how to create a researcher community when researchers are not in the same physical space

  • Be invited to create a forum to research and develop strategies to meet the needs of this group 


80 minute workshop: PGR viewpoints to identify the issues and then brainstorming and action planning to find solutions.