A4 - The move to multimodal PhD theses

Day 1 at 15:30 - The move to multimodal PhD theses
Day Day 1
Session A
Start time 15:30
Room Hampton
Doctoral Researchers
Code A4

Sara Gould, Research Services Development Manager, EThOS, British Library

Coral Manton, Doctoral Researcher, i-DAT, Plymouth University

Workshop overview: 

This workshop will present research undertaken by Coral Manton and supervised by Sara Gould for British Library investigating the growing trend towards the production of multimedia research outputs within doctoral theses, and the need for new technologies allowing these to be stored and made accessible to future researchers.

Three doctoral researchers will present their multimedia research and discuss why it is vital for them to include this work alongside their written thesis. There will follow a panel discussion exploring methods for change in current practice by universities and repositories.

Workshop topics covered: 

Changes in the way research is developed, communicated, stored and disseminated.

Innovation in PhD research reflected in the desire to communicate in non-text and multimedia forms alongside the written thesis.

The need for new technologies to support the trend towards multimedia theses. 

Themes covered: 

  • Multimedia and non-text doctoral research included in theses.
  • Reasons why recording and making accessible multimedia research within theses is necessary. 
  • Discussion of best practice for universities and repositories.
  • Supporting innovation in PhD research.
  • Reflecting the best in UK PhD research through online repositories.
  • Meeting the future development needs of PhD researchers.

Workshop outcomes: 

By the end of the workshop, participants should: 

  • Have a greater awareness of the vast range of multimedia research outputs being produced by doctoral students
  • Understand reasons for the shift towards multimodal theses
  • Engage with the need for universities and research communication to prepare for and support innovation in doctoral theses.


Presentations, and panel & audience discussion