D4 - The research ecosystem: developing resilience and supporting wellbeing

Day 2 at 13:40 - The research ecosystem: developing resilience and supporting wellbeing
Day Day 2
Session D
Start time 13:40
Room Henley
Doctoral Researchers
Research Staff
Code D4

Aline Giordano, Doctoral College Manager, University of Southampton

Chris Russell, Trainer, Chris Russell Training

Caroline Broad, Trainer, Broad Associates Ltd

Workshop overview: 

In the research ecosystem the most important and expensive resource is the individual.  To excel in this arena of pressure and competition (doctoral and early-career) researchers need to be supported as a ‘whole’. How can institutions empower researchers to reconnect with their motivations and research aspirations in a more humane way to help them navigate their doctoral candidature and career decisions in today’s challenging environment? What tools do researchers need to develop resilience, manage stress and their mental health?

This workshop will explore how institutions might realistically provide this support in the current climate. Using the University of Southampton as case study we will explore how to foster a community of empowered researchers – researchers who engage in a meaningful process of personal growth in order to improve wellbeing, achieve their full potential and make a greater impact on society. We will challenge the traditional ‘researcher support’ paradigm.

Workshop topics covered: 

  • The current research climate and impact on researcher wellbeing
  • Overview of the innovative wellness programme for doctoral researchers at the University of Southampton, reporting on lessons learned from its first workshops, including participants’ reflections
  • Challenges, opportunities and motivations to support researcher wellbeing programmes

Workshop outcomes: 

Participants will: 

  • Exchange wellbeing strategies to support doctoral and early career researchers
  • a better understanding of institutional drivers and barriers to  Developdeveloping researcher wellbeing
  • Identify gaps in pastoral care at doctoral level by discussing emerging approaches and practices
  • toolkitn insight into a researcher wellbeing Gain a


Workshop, including presentations and group discussion