P11 - 'What can I do with a Doctorate?’ Supporting the transition of doctoral graduates into an evolving employment market

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 19:00
Code P11

Dr Danielle White, Lecturer and Education Consultant, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Anna Seabourne, Head of Researcher Environment, University of Huddersfield


A rise in doctoral completions and a fall of secure posts within the academy is creating a growing cohort of PhD graduates who, having completed or nearing completion of their thesis, sit on the periphery of academia, often on unstable low paying contracts. Graduates are in danger of experiencing elongated transitions, with implications for long-term career opportunities and wellbeing.

This poster proposes a workshop intervention for those near or following completion of the PhD. Using an approach informed by Bourdieu’s thinking tools and Wenger’s Communities of Practice theory a three part framework is offered. The framework encourages participants to explore potential career ideas in relation to their social networks and their own identities; to understand the PhD employment market; and to use this awareness and information to plan a strategy moving forward.