P13 - A development framework for professional doctorate students

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 19:00
Code P13

Dr Hilary Lindsay, Honorary Associate, Open University


The Researching Practitioner Development Framework (RPDF) is now being used as a complementary resource for EdD students at the Open University. The framework is based on a learning model designed by a Doctorate in Education (EdD) student to explore the learning of professionals in the workplace. Further research with EdD students and graduates led to the RPDF and an online resource that supports the development of those doing professional doctorates. It in particular considers the need to blend research and practice, a key element of such doctorates. The resource features three dimensions of learning - working as a researcher (cognitive), developing ways of thinking (intrapersonal) and moving on with your research (interpersonal) and prompts students to draw up their own personal development plans. By encouraging students to consider how their research is changing them as a person and how they might be able to make a difference with their research, it is hoped that the RPDF will encourage more EdD graduates to continue their involvement with research after they have completed their doctoral studies.