P16 - On Conceptualising, Developing and Implementing a HDR Supervision Fellowship Program

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 19:00
Code P16

Associate Professor William Ashraf, Office of the Dean HDR, Macquarie University


Macquarie University (MQ), Australia has ambitious strategic aspirations for Higher Degree Research (HDR), MRes and PhD, supervision to prepare ‘world-ready’ research candidates through the provision of ‘inspirational supervision’ through an outstanding supervisory and mentoring experience.

We led the review of HDR Supervision policy and procedures and introduced Australia’s first Higher Degree Research Supervision Fellowship Program. Underpinned by the MQ HDR Supervision Fellowship Framework we are:

1. Supporting the initial and continuing professional development of staff engaged in  HDR supervision and support;

2. Supporting MQ’s strategic aspiration to provide HDR students with outstanding supervisory expertise and mentoring;

3. Demonstrating to students and other stakeholders the professionalism that MQ staff bring to HDR supervision and support for research training;

4. Recognising the variety and quality of support, training and professional practice which underpins HDR supervision;

5. Facilitating and fostering critically reflective practice in research training.

The fellowship program is open to all staff, academic (aligned to promotional opportunities) and professional, and encompass professional HDR supervision recognition to include work from Early Career Researchers, Professors and all levels of staff who support HDR supervision (professional and technical). The MQ fellowship scheme was inspired by the (i) four dimensions from Vitae’s RDF, (ii) individual elements adapted from the UK HEA Professional Standards Framework and (iii) alignment with MQ Academic promotion criteria for HDR supervision.

Here we present the key determining factors for HDR Supervision Fellowship Framework regarding its conceptualisation, development and implementation.