SISA5 - How do we know if it's working? Evaluating the impact of Researcher Development programmes

Day Day 1
Code SISA5
Start time 17.40
Room Surrey
Audience For Researcher Developers

Dr Eli Saetnan, Educational Developer, University of Liverpool

Session outline:

What are we aiming to achieve with Researcher Development? And how do we know whether we are achieving it? The point of departure for discussions will be a presentation of initial findings from a research project exploring the impact of a series of thesis writing workshops. In light of the high levels of stress and anxiety associated with academic life and the negative impact this is having on wellbeing and mental health of postgraduate researchers, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety can be one important benefit of participation in Researcher Development workshops. I will be reporting on results from a small research project comparing the impact of two different forms of academic writing workshops: structured workshops on structure and editing and guided conversations around overcoming writers block. I would like to use this initial project as a starting point for discussions around a more general Theory of Change for Researcher Development and a discussion of potential ways in which we can demonstrate impact with our programmes in light of such a Theory of Change.

Themes covered:

  • Research environment and culture; shaping an inclusive research environment; wellbeing and mental health, gender equality and diversity research integrity and open research
  • Continuing professional development of those involved in the development of researchers