SISA7/B7 - The UCC Odyssey Programme

Day Day 1
Code SISA7/B7
Start time 17.40
Room Dorset
Audience For Researcher Developers

Mary O'Regan, HR Research Manager, University College Cork

Session outline:

In a time of increasing career complexity, researchers must pursue professional opportunities not only in academia but also in industry, government, non-profits, and entrepreneurship.  For many competing reasons this is a challenging area for Universities to address. As a result, the complex training needs of researchers (due to the transitory nature of their roles), often leaves them without the training experiences they really require to move to careers beyond academia.
This workshop presents an innovative training/cultural initiative which enables researcher career transitions and highlights the breadth of researcher careers whilst encouraging intersectoral mobility. The aim of The UCC Odyssey Programme is to enable researchers to adapt, integrate and expand on their existing expertise to prepare for the many diverse career choices ahead of them. The Programme addresses the disconnect between the reality of the researcher career trajectory on the ground and the expectations of researchers and PhD's regarding their careers. The Pilot launches in UCC in July 2018 and the results of the Pilot and our methodology will also be outlined in the workshop.

Themes covered:
  • Employability of researchers; enabling career transitions, championing the breadth of researcher careers and encouraging intersectoral mobility