SISB2 - The Post PhD-life: academic versus non-academic careers

Day Day 1
Code SISB2
Start time 18.00
Room Henley
Audience Work with Doctoral Researchers

Anneleen Mortier, Post-doctoral Researcher, Ghent University

Professor Katia LevecqueProfessor of Industrial Relations/ Manager ECOOM UGhent – HR in Research, Ghent University

Session outline: 

Over the last couple of years, increasingly more students obtain a PhD. The majority of the PhD candidates aspire an academic career, but unfortunately, the amount of post-doctoral positions did not accordingly increase. Little is known about PhD-holders: who stays at academia? Do they go abroad or stay within their own country? Who ends up at the job market and is this a choice or not? The majority of PhD holders must find employment in the public/private sector (=industry), and thus this will also be discussed during the session. Do PhD-holders in the industry still do research, and what type of research? What competences do PhD-holders perceive as important? This session is based on a dataset obtained from 3205 PhD-holders in Flanders. It will discuss the different career paths (academic versus non-academic) of the PhD-holders in Flanders. It hopes to give attendees a better insight in the post-PhD life.

Themes covered:

  • Employability of researchers; enabling career transitions, championing the breadth of researcher careers and encouraging intersectoral mobility