A3 - "Engaging Researchers in Mandatory Training is a Doddle, Isn't it?"

Day Day 1
Code A3
Start time 15.30
Room York
For Researcher Developers
Supervisors and Principal Investigators

Professor Susan Brooks, Director of Researcher Development, Oxford Brookes University

Jennie Cripps, Researcher Development Coordinator, Oxford Brookes University

Workshop overview: 

At Oxford Brookes University, we have a long-established training and support package for newly-appointed research-active staff at any level of seniority, from early career researchers to Professors, the 'Your  First Three Years' scheme. In common with many other institutions we face issues in (1) identifying the staff who should be invited to attend, especially those on research-only contracts and (2) ensuring that those invited to what is theoretically a mandatory course, actually do engage. In this workshop, we discuss the strategies that we have tried to address these issues, and their success (or otherwise), and invite researcher developers from other institutions to share their experiences of establishing a culture of engagement with research training. What skills do we need as researcher developers to facilitate the process? With researchers juggling a busy workload of teaching, research and administration, how can we ensure that they prioritise researcher development activities?

Workshop topics covered: 

  • Exploring the challenges in encouraging researchers and academics to prioritise researcher development opportunities over other calls on their time 
  • Defining the challenges inherent in identifying who researchers or early career researchers are Innovative approaches to engaging researchers in development programmes 
  • Introducing the Oxford Brookes University 'Your First Three Years' scheme

Themes covered: 

  • Engaging research leaders, principal investigators and supervisors in professional development and nurturing the careers of researchers
  • Continuing professional development of those involved in the development of researchers

Workshop outcomes: 

  • Evaluated the challenges in defining and correctly identifying researchers and early career researchers
  • Considered the barriers that researchers experience to engaging fully with development opportunities available to them
  • Shared good practice and innovative approaches to engaging researchers with development opportunities


Information, interaction and discussion. Participants should also be prepared to include examples from their own experience during discussion.