B2 - Implementing a Development Programme for Middle Career Researchers

Day Day 1
Code B2
Start time 16:40
Room Henley
Work with Research Staff

Dr Kieran Fenby-Hulse, Programme Manager, Coventry University

Workshop overview:

In this workshop, we will develop together an approach to middle-career researcher development. Middle-career researchers are often forgotten when it comes to research training and development, although they are essential to our talent pipeline, not only in terms of becoming research leaders within Higher Education, but also future leaders within industry, business, policy, and the charity sector. Given the rapidly changing research landscape and the continued need to leadership training within research, there is a pressing need for researcher development to engage with and understand the needs and wants of middle-career researchers and, importantly, to embed middle-career training and development into their core provision. Over the course of this workshop we will examine definitions of middle career researcher, understand the developmental needs of middle-career researchers (with reference to the Researcher Development Framework) and work together to develop a programme of development to support the continued development of our middle career researchers.

Workshop topics covered:

This workshop will cover:

  • Middle Career Researcher Development
  • Future Research Leaders
  • Researcher Development Framework
  • Research Career Pathways
  • Spiral Learning
  • Continued Professional Development
  • Work-Based Learning

Workshop outcomes:

By the end of the workshop, participants will: 

  1. recognise the importance of training and development for middle career researchers
  2. identify research, tools, and frameworks to support middle-career researcher development
  3. start planning and preparing a middle-career researcher development programme


Interactive Workshop with Group Work