C1 - Driving cultural change through a revitalised Concordat

Day Day 2
Code C1
Start time 13:40
Room York
Work with Research Staff

Dr Katie WheatHigher Education Senior Manager, Vitae

Dr Janet Metcalfe, Head, Vitae

Workshop overview: 

In this timely workshop following the presentation of the report from the Concordat Independent Review Panel, participants will have the opportunity to digest the recommendations, consider the implications for their organisation, and collectively reflect on the potential opportunities for the sector.

The workshop programme will be shaped by the review report and initial reactions, and is likely to include discussion of potential new principles, input into the sector consultation and engagement activities leading to the publication of a new Concordat, and how cultural change can be realised through the combined actions of all stakeholders. There will be significant space given to the questions and discussion arising from this first publication of the report so that participants are informed and able to mobilise their organisation and other networks to participate in the conversation and next steps for this exciting new opportunity to revitalise the career development support for research staff.

Workshop topics covered: 

  • The report of the Independent Review of the Concordat and recommendations.
  • The sector consultation on the revision of the Concordat text.
  • The implications for funders, institutions, principal investigators and researchers.

Themes covered: 

  • Research staff and supply of talent; strategies and practice, developing a pipeline of research talent through strategies to attract and retain researchers.
  • Research environment and culture; shaping an inclusive research environment; wellbeing and mental health, gender equality and diversity research integrity and open research.
  • Engaging research leaders, principal investigators and supervisors in professional development and nurturing the careers of researchers.
  • Continuing professional development of those involved in the development of researchers.

Workshop outcomes: 

By the end of the workshop, participants will have: 

  • Reflected on the recommendations from the Concordat independent review and the implications for institutions.
  • Explored how the revised Concordat can be used to drive cultural change in the research environment.
  • Had the opportunity to inform the revision of the Concordat.


The workshop will be interactive with small group discussions.