C7 - Supporting PGR skills development, employability and intersectoral mobility: an evidence-based approach

Day Day 2
Code C7
Start time 11.10
Room Dorset
Work with Doctoral Researchers

Dr Emma Compton-Daw, Academic Development Lead (Research), University of Strathclyde

Victoria Walker, PhD Candidate and PGR Intern, University of Strathclyde

Dr Campbell Reid, Course Coordinator PG Certificate in Researcher Professional Development, University of Strathclyde

Dr Anis Amokrane, Researcher/Consultant, Adoc Talent Management

Workshop overview: 

The aim of this workshop is to explore the skills and competencies acquired during the doctoral training of PhDs and why they are an added value for their career. We will discuss how these competencies are perceived by the PhDs over the time and how they can be implemented through development and supervisory training programmes.

During this interactive workshop, participants will be presented with the results of two studies:

  • A study carried out by two PGR interns at the university of Strathclyde, which investigated the skills from the researcher development framework doctoral graduates felt were most valued by their employers and which they considered they were equipped with during their doctoral studies.
  • The results of a study carried out by Adoc Talent Management over time of a cohort of PhDs (up to 5 years after the defense), focusing on their skills and competencies regarding their employment sector.

We will also cover the impact of talent in the global economy and how PhDs, with their competencies, are the vector of progress and innovation. A focus on the employability in the private sector will also be discussed.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss what other institutions are doing to develop the necessary skills, and supervisory support, to enable PGRs to move into non-academic careers.

Workshop topics covered: 

  • The skills and attributes from the Researcher Development Framework which PhD graduates perceive as valued by employers
  • The need for improved personal development planning and career management skills for PhD candidates
  • Developing supervisory training

Themes covered: 

  • Innovations in doctoral training programmes; new modes of delivery; delivering at scale, doctoral training centres/partnerships, Innovative Training Networks (ITNs) and other cohort-based models
  • The competencies developed by PGRs
  • Employability of researchers; enabling career transitions, championing the breadth of researcher careers and encouraging intersectoral mobility
  • Engaging research leaders, principal investigators and supervisors in professional development and nurturing the careers of researchers
  • Continuing professional development of those involved in the development of researchers

Workshop outcomes: 

By the end of the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to: 

  • Considered PGR skills valued in a range of both academic and non-academic careers, in relation to the studies findings and individual contexts
  • Discuss the challenges in supporting PGRs in skills development and intersectoral mobility and possible solutions
  • Shared institution experiences of the PGR and supervisory skills development


Presentation, information, small group discussion, large group discussion