D2 - Exploring researcher developer CPD needs

Day Day 2
Session D2
Start time 13:40
Room Lancaster
For Researcher Developers

Jen Reynolds, Professional Development Manager, Vitae

Workshop overview: 

As part of the Vitae Annual Programme Vitae has a range of CPD opportunities that are available to researcher developers, including the Connections series of events, mentoring programme, the Careers Framework for Researcher Developers (CFRD) and a range of tools to help researcher developers evaluate their current skill level and plan their professional development.

This workshop will specifically look at common CPD needs for researcher developers and provide the opportunity to share suitable opportunities to bridge gaps in knowledge as well as discussing what future CPD needs researcher developers have that might not be provided within their institutions, and which Vitae might consider providing as part of the Vitae CPD programme.

Workshop and conference themes covered: 

  • Continuing professional development of those involved in the development of researchers

Workshop outcomes: 

Participants will:

  • Explore their current development needs, using CFRD
  • Share commonalities and possible solutions with other workshop participants
  • Review these in the context of the researcher developer recognition and model proposed by Vitae recently

‘Having reviewed the CFRD (the Careers Framework for Researcher Developers) requirements there is clear qualitative progression for individuals…. it may also help to define roles more effectively, assisting in line or team management.’ 

“I think it is extremely important that the specific skill set required to support researchers' development is professionally recognised within specific institutions and the HE generally, particularly given the awards driven nature of the sector.” 


Presentation and group work