Poster presentations

Title of posterPresenters
P1 Co-design of development and training for PGRs Dr Stephanie Zihms, University of the West of Scotland
P2 A bespoke fit - individualised training plans, practice and impact explored

Davina Whitnall, University of Salford

Professor Mark Reed, Newcastle University

P3 Research-Informed Teaching and Intersectoral Mobility

Professor Grace Lees-Maffei, University of Hertfordshire

P4 Taking Mentoring to the next level - a pump prime project Dr Diane Munday, University of St Andrews
P5 Transforming research students' library and information skills development via a blended learning module

Lucy Keating, Newcastle University 

P6 The hidden impact of 3MT in career development:  Thinking for Research Impact Professor Andrea Petroczi, Kingston University
P7 Introducing a programme of 1-to-1 Career Coaching support for Early Career Researchers - a case study from Exeter University

Dr Christopher Wood, University of Exeter

Kate Foster, University of Exeter

P8 Boosting Research Group's Efficiency: A combination of core competencies' training with group and individual coaching

Carolina Marí, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), as part of Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)

P9 Sharing Best Practice: Academic Development Opportunities for PhD Researchers at Ulster University

Vicky Davies, University of Ulster

P10 Working with Researchers - An Industry Perspective

Joanne Hagerty, Skillsfluence Ltd

P11 Embedding a researcher development focus in an international food and water security research project

Genevieve Agaba, University of Southampton

P12 Building relationships between research disciplines

Dr Erika Cretney, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

P13 'Is a topic that matters to us locally relevant for a wider audience?' - an exploration of Romanian researchers' adjustment to international research practices

Mirela Bardi, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

P14 Idea Puzzle software for doctoral research design

Dr Ricardo Morais, Catholic University of Portugal

P15 Supporting Early Career Researchers: tackling non-attendance, supporting grant applications, and developing rejection resilience in one fell swoop!

Sarah Agnew, Northumbria University

Laura Hutchinson, Northumbria University

Sam King, Northumbria University

P16 Postgraduates Who Teach (PGWT) project at the University of Bath

Oli Schofield, University of Bath

P17 Supervising from Strength to Strengths

Associate Professor Tracy Riley, Massey University

P18 Revamping postdoctoral training and education

Nuria Bayo, Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)

P19 Professional Development Planning for PGRs: professionalising doctoral research at the University of Bristol

Dr Sabrina Fairchild, University of Bristol

P20 Making Sustainable Careers Happen: Recommendations for Institutions and Researchers

Dr Fran CardellsWorld Economic Forum

P21 Research at a distance - more than just Skype?

Emma Cripps, University of Portsmouth

P22 Boosting an academic career through international mobility

Piotr Serafin, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

P23 Exploring Effective Modes of Delivery for Professional Development and Skills Training

Dr Keely Brumsted O'Brien, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Dr Nicki Cranna, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

P24 What is course curation and how might it be useful for Researcher Development?

Dr Nicki Cranna, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Dr Keely Brumsted O'Brien, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

P25 What are we developing researchers for? Dr Lorna Warnock, University of York
P26 Maximizing engagement and accelerating impact through better communications Melinda Kenneway, Kudos Innovations Ltd
P27 Introduction of an Associate Professor Scheme Dr Elizabeth WhiteUniversity of Hertfordshire
P28 Valuing Postdoctoral Researchers: Planning for Change at UCL Jennifer HazeltonUniversity College London
P29 Developing the developers: What's out there for researcher developer CPD?

Professor Susan Brooks, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Emma Compton-Daw, University of Strathclyde

Jen Reynolds, Vitae and CRAC


Wellbeing posters

Title of posterPresenters
WP1 Wellbeing When Writing Professor Leigh Wilson, University of Westminster
WP2 Potential Advantage: Do well-being and mental health strategies offered by universities improve the well-being and mental health of Post-Graduate Research (PGR) students?

Jennifer Gerson, University of Warwick

WP3 Supporting PGR Writing - productivity, wellbeing and communities of practice

Kelly Preece, University of Exeter

WP4 Improving PGR wellbeing at the University of Manchester: stakeholder contribution to the 'PGR Well Bee-ing Project' Rebecca Crook, University of Manchester
WP5 Supporting PGR mental health and wellbeing at Queen Mary University of London

Dr Fryni Panayidou, Queen Mary University of London

WP6 A national website for postgraduate research students to support their mental wellbeing

Ann Kirkman, University of Derby

WP7 Understanding the Mental Health of Doctoral Researchers

Dr Sophie Valeix, University of Sussex

WP8 Using a strengths-based approach to researcher support and career development

Sally Blake, Cardiff University

WP9 Preparing for a healthy PhD by better supporting PGR mental health and wellbeing

Maizy Jenner, University of Liverpool

WP10 The Courage Project: A Multi-Strand, Whole Systems Approach to Doctoral Wellbeing

Benjamin Marshall, University of East Anglia


Inclusion posters

Title of posterPresenters
IP1 STEMM-CHANGE: Barriers, Interventions and Collisions Lucy Williams, University of Nottingham
IP2 STEM Equals: Creating more inclusive STEM communities

Dr Marco Reggiani, University of Strathclyde

IP3 Reinventing the rules of international collaborations to reduce gender differences in academic careers through virtual in situ networking

Carla Cebula, University of Glasgow

IP4 Disability Inclusive Science Careers Katherine Sang, Heriot-Watt University
IP5 Inclusion Really Does Matter: Improving Attitudes towards Gender Equality Initiatives in EPS Academic Departments

Dr Lynn Farrell, Queen's University Belfast