IP1 - STEMM-CHANGE: Barriers, Interventions and Collisions

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 18:10
Code IP1

 Professor Ed Wilding, EPSRC Inclusion Matters Programme Director, University of Nottingham


 Creating an environment that attracts the best researchers and enables all of them to flourish is a fundamental organisational goal. The STEMM-CHANGE EPSRC-funded project led by the University of Nottingham has several work strands that will contribute to this goal. They include the development of new tools that will promote diversity in recruitment, a framework for an interactive national database housing diversity and inclusion resources, new linguistic insights into removing barriers to inclusion and engagement in science communication, and evidence-based approaches to optimising reverse mentoring in higher education. These activities have the potential to benefit organisations at multiple levels, and particularly for early career researchers (broadly defined). The STEMM-CHANGE programme is committed to pursuing these activities at scale, using the University of Nottingham as the hub, and working closely with external partners in higher education and industry, as well as with learned societies.