P14 - Idea Puzzle software for doctoral research design

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 18:10
Code P14

Dr Ricardo Morais, Head of the Management Department, Catholic University of Portugal


The Idea Puzzle software (www.ideapuzzle.com) is a decision-making tool that helps PhD students coherently align the theory, method, data, rhetoric, and authorship of a research proposal, article or thesis in the light of Philosophy of Science.

In 2016, the Academy of Management Learning & Education (4.235 5-Year Impact Factor) considered the Idea Puzzle software "a very useful tool for research across a multitude of disciplines, not only for PhD students as they learn about all of the elements of research project design, but also for reviewers and research project teams" (Parente & Ferro, 2016, p. 645). To date, the Idea Puzzle software has helped design more than 4700 research projects worldwide.

The Idea Puzzle software poses 21 questions, helps answer them, and allows the self-evaluation of each answer. The output of the Idea Puzzle software is a research design with around 2000 words, an overall score and a coloured jigsaw puzzle of progress.