P22 - Boosting an academic career through international mobility

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 18:10
Code P22

Piotr SerafinChief SpecialistPolish National Agency for Academic Exchange


International mobility can be one of the key elements in the career development of a researcher. The benefits of gaining work experience abroad are not only invaluable life experience and the opportunity to meet new people and ideas, but also tangible outcomes, such as: increasing the quality of publications, gaining partners for international research projects and learning about different work and team management models. The poster will try to answer the following questions:

How to plan a visit abroad that brings the best results?

How to choose a proper scientific mentor?

Long and short-term mobility - how to organise it and what are the risks and opportunities associated with it?

Where to look for mobility grant opportunities?

The poster will be prepared based on the experience of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange and mobility supporting tools used by the Agency.