P3 - Research-Informed Teaching and Intersectoral Mobility

Day Day 1
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Professor Grace Lees-Maffei, Professor of Design History, University of Hertfordshire


Researcher developers increasingly recognise the need for researchers to be equipped for intersectoral mobility. As researchers can expect to move between sectors during their careers, so teaching skills are an increasingly important part of the researcher skill set. The University of Hertfordshire has developed guidance and support for all staff, including researchers, to consider how research informs teaching (RIT) and how to enrich the curriculum with research (RRT) and engage students in research activity (both discipline specific and pedagogic research). A Curriculum Design Toolkit containing a bespoke strand on RIT/RRT is made available on the University of Hertfordshire’s intranet, both our Biennial Researcher Development Conference and our annual Learning and Teaching Conference have addressed RIT/RRT, and we have recently published two case studies on our public-facing website. As well as considering the benefits of equipping researchers to deliver RIT/RRT, we want also to consider this intersectorality as a two-way street, and to reflect on the potential for teaching-informed research as a correlative to research-informed, or research-rich teaching.