WP4 - Improving PGR wellbeing at the University of Manchester: stakeholder contribution to the ‘PGR Well Bee-ing Project’

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 18:10
Code WP4

Rebecca Crook, Research Assistant, University of Manchester


Although there has been increasing interest in wellbeing and the prevalence of mental health problems amongst students in higher education, this has focused on undergraduate students. Consequently, relatively little is known about the incidence of mental health issues amongst the Postgraduate Researcher population or how best to offer support, though previous research suggests that isolation and a perceived lack of community are amongst the many factors contributing to PGR student issues. Our PGR Well Bee-ing Project aims to better understand wellbeing and mental health issues from a PGR perspective, in order to improve and tailor the provision, support, and resources for our PGR community at the University of Manchester. This poster discusses our processes for involving Postgraduate Researchers in the design, development, and delivery of research into this population and how this may serve to empower participants and foster their sense of belonging, thus creating an environment where our Postgraduate Researchers can flourish.