WP5 - Supporting PGR mental health and wellbeing at Queen Mary University of London

Day Day 1
Session Poster presentation
Start time 18:10
Code WP5

Dr Fryni Panayidou, Researcher Development Adviser (PGRs), Queen Mary University of London


The poster presents the outcomes of the Catalyst Fund project to support PGR mental health and wellbeing at Queen Mary:

  • A weekly PhD Support Group over eight weeks, facilitated by a Counsellor and a Researcher Developer. Participants showed significant increase in: confidence in timely completion; work-life balance satisfaction; having someone to talk to about day-to-day problems (PRES questions). Participants' average wellbeing score increased by 5 points (Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale).
  • Introduction of training sessions on emotional resilience / resourcefulness during the annual PhD Cohort Days, and expansion of the ‘Survive and Thrive’ training programme (329 participants).
  • Development of the workshop ‘Supporting mental health and wellbeing in PGRs: a guidance for supervisors’. First offering ran with 33 participants, who gave overwhelmingly positive feedback.
  • A wellbeing campaign that included an event raising awareness of mental health issues among PGRs and two weeks of activities across the 5 dimensions of wellness (244+162 registrations).