B3 - The Enterprising and Resourceful Researcher - an insight into experiential learning and its results

Day Day 1
Code B3
Start time 16:50
Developing research staff
Developing doctoral researchers
Developing supervisors and principal investigators
In a policy/strategic/leadership role

Jenny Brady, Enterprise Adviser, Newcastle University

Dr Victoria Mountford Brown, Lecturer, Newcastle University

Workshop overview: 

This specialist interest session shares the unique practice in enterprise education and researcher development. It focuses on the creation, delivery and evaluation of progress made by participants as a direct result of ACTION for Impact, an innovation and enterprise programme for postgraduate students and early-career researchers aimed at creating impact of all kinds from research. It has been shaped by a novel collaboration between Durham and Newcastle Universities and aligns to both Universities Research Strategies, helping demonstrate the societal and economic impact of their research, and of the researchers themselves, by fostering a spirit of innovation and knowledge exchange. The realisation of the impact can be facilitated by competitive Impact Projects, which include engagement with industry, society and the world outside the lab /office. The session shares the practicalities, challenges and successes of researcher engagement, logistics management and developing credible and novel content alongside proven delivery methods from an innovative perspective.

Themes covered:

  • Innovative and practical approaches to the professional and career development of researchers across all career stages and institutional contexts
  • Evidence and evaluation of researcher careers and the impact of researcher development

Workshop aims:

  • Provide insights and proven practice from engaging researchers participation in enterprise and innovation initiatives - with particular focus on challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Overview of evaluation of participants' enterprising capabilities resulting from attending the programme.
  • Provide innovations relating to technology, pedagogy and putting ideas into practice.
Value for delegates:

An enterprising and innovative mind set is an increasingly required capability expected of researchers from their global, preferred employers (academic or otherwise). We share "how to" insights into the development and delivery of proven ways (which can be appropriately replicated) to engage researchers in the enterprise agenda whilst encouraging them to become society's change makers. Providing practical, innovative, proven methodology backed by research with the invitation to an actively network with practitioners and specialists, maintaining the conversations beyond the session. Exclusive reveal of the evaluation of capabilities developed by researchers as a result of the programme, providing an understanding of their experiences.