B6 - Start ups and carry ons - innovation programmes to support post-PhD careers

Day Day 1
Code B6
Start time 16:50
Developing doctoral researchers

Dr Alina Congreve, PhD project manager, Climate-KIC

Workshop overview: 

Government policy puts a lot of emphasis on turning the results from PhD research into commercial activity. As a result PhD students have been steered towards existing innovation programmes and new programmes aimed specifically at PhD students have been established. Encouraging PhD students to form a start-up can be the right pathways for some but is deeply problematic for others. In the workshop we will look at different examples of programmes to support PhD students in taking their ideas forward. Some of these look for alternatives to start-ups including policy innovation, social entrepreneurship, and supporting PhD students into research and development roles in existing companies.  Finally, the workshop will consider if there are elements from entrepreneurship programmes that can be useful across a wide range of career paths and have relevance beyond a start-up context. 

Themes covered: 

  • Innovative and practical approaches to the professional and career development of researchers across all career stages and institutional contexts
  • Evidence and evaluation of researcher careers and the impact of researcher development

Workshop aims: 


Value for delegates: