D2 - In search of joined-up development: can we build self-sustainable support networks from development events?

Day Day 2
Session D2
Start time 13:40
Developing doctoral researchers
Developing research staff

Dr Anne Miller, MPLS Enterprise Programme Manager, University of Oxford

Daisy J Hung, Equality and Diversity Facilitator, MPLS Division, University of Oxford

Dr Emma Williams, Principal, EJW Solutions

Workshop overview: 

Researchers benefit hugely from peer support. This is especially true for those in the minority. We have actively researched what would bring women into the enterprise space and then developed a tailored programme encouraging female ECRs to explore how this might enhance their careers. Where we, and others, struggle is enabling the building of networks and sustained connections that could take this to the next level. Mixing our case study presentation with practice sharing and enterprise ideation tools we will ask: Can we disrupt the norm of training ending as the evaluation sheets are given out?

Themes covered: 

  • Strategic opportunities and challenges for organisations in creating and sustaining environments where researchers can flourish
  • Innovative and practical approaches to the professional and career development of researchers across all career stages and institutional contexts

Workshop aims: 

  • To explore development of female ECR-focussed enterprise programmes
  • To present and practice-share ways of building and sustaining a network or community after a learning event has ended
  • To generate new ideas to extend the impact of development events

Value for delegates:

  • Learn how we have engaged ECRs with enterprise and particularly how we have focussed on female ECRs as a significant minority
  • Understand factors that can engage minorities with a development topic
  • Learn from others as you explore the topic
  • Gain ideas for extensions to development events