D3 - Help us help you – engaging PGRs to inform institutional enhancement agenda (a skills development opportunity)

Day Day 2
Code D3
Start time 13:40
Developing doctoral researchers
Developing research staff
Developing supervisors and principal investigators
In a policy/strategic/leadership role

Dr Stephanie Colvan, Researcher Development Programme Manager, University of Strathclyde

Dr Gabrielle Milson, Researcher Developer, University of Strathclyde

Workshop overview: 

Strathclyde recently helped to establish the Doctoral Researchers Group, a student-led cross-institutional representative group which seeks to build networks and communities across disciplines. Being a part of this group brings a range of benefits including; interdisciplinarity, peer support and skills development, and yet it can be difficult to get students to engage.

This workshop will look to evaluate the benefits of cross institutional PGR-led groups to both the individual and to the PGR community itself, using the RDF to map skills developed by PGRs engaged in such groups. We will further explore the benefits such groups or ‘communities’ might bring to the wider institution and the role of researcher developers in addressing the specific needs of the PGR community as distinct from other researcher or staff groups.

Themes covered: 

  • Strategic opportunities and challenges for organisations in creating and sustaining environments where researchers can flourish

Workshop aims: 

  • Consider how best to engage PGRs to create self-sustaining groups.
  • To interrogate the benefits of PGR-led groups and activities to individuals, PGR communities and institutions.
  • Consider the role of Researcher Developers in supporting PGR-led groups.
  • To discuss challenges/barriers to student-led groups and identify potential solutions

Value for delegates:

The session will allow participants to explore ideas and share their experience of supporting PGR-led groups. The session will identify the key development opportunities that PGR-led groups present for students, aligned to the RDF.