Structures, policies and change in researcher development

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This event examines the changing context for researcher development, in terms of the different policies, structures and types of organisation, the demographics and directions of the researcher population, and the broader policy landscape that interacts at all levels. By exploring, understanding, and potentially predicting this changing landscape, researcher development can ensure it is fit for purpose within all researcher environments, and continue to adapt as organisations change, grow, and progress to meet current and future demands for research excellence.

How the practice of researcher development happens in an organisation is dependent on many factors, such as the size of the researcher population, the demographics of the researcher population, the strategic focus of the organisation, and broader policy perspectives. Moreover, some factors are particularly prone to change over time, such as the expected career outcomes for researchers, the available budget, and the policy environment.

The event will feature international, policy and diverse organisational perspectives, with a focus on opportunity for questions, discussion, networking and practice-sharing to enable participants to consider different situations and plan effectively for the future of their researcher development.

Throughout the day, we will answer questions, such as

  • What are the broader HE environment and organisational impacts on researcher development?
  • How do researcher populations and directions impact on researcher development?
  • Are the Concordat and other policies keeping pace with changes in demographics and structures?
  • How can researcher development provision meet the objectives of university strategies?
  • What are the potential future changes in research and higher education and how will researcher development need to adapt?

Outcomes of attending this event

By attending this event, participants will

  • be able to adapt their researcher development provision to meet the strategic needs of an organisation and broader policy directions
  • be able to effectively plan researcher development provision in response to the changing researcher population and career outcomes
  • have an overview of the current and potential policy landscape
  • have opportunities for networking and practice-sharing
  • invest in their own professional development