The six 3MT finalists 2015

Congratulations to our six 3MT finalists who gave excellent presentations and who provided the participants at the Vitae annual conference dinner an exciting evening of suspense.

After the presentations had finished, the judges conferred and voting opened via the conference app for the people's choice winner.

This year the same finalist won both prizes. Congratulations go to Zaid Janjua who won £3K grant to spend on public engagement activity (sponsored by RCUK and NCCPE) and the opportunity to present at the famous Faraday Lecture Theatre at the Royal Institution (sponsored by Speakezee).

You can watch all six presentations including Zaid's winning performance below:

Zaid Janjua, Manufacturing and Process Technologies, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham. On thin ice!

Chioma Paul, College of Business Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University. Using fiction to explore the traumatic impact of Grenada's taboo history

Nicole Parish, School of Psychology, Plymouth University. Does this child have Autism? Exploring decision making in teams diagnosing Autism

James Reynolds, Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University. The age of onset of cannabis use and executive function

Jonathon Hannabuss, Crick Institute, University College London. How do dividing cells know where to cut?

Mike Jestico, Department of Psychology, University of Leeds. The power of photo-elicitation

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