Vitae 3MT UK semi-finalists 2015

Congratulations to all our 2015 semi-finalists! Each is the winner of their institution’s Three Minute Thesis competition. Presentations were reviewed, scored and discussed by our semi-final judging panel.

Michael Hall, Life and Health Sciences, Aston University. Localising epileptogenic cortex using magnetoencephalography

Chioma Paul, College of Business Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University. Using fiction to explore the traumatic impact of Grenada's taboo history. FINALIST. See Chioma's presentation at the live final on 8th September.

Rhodri Thomas, School of Medicine, Cardiff University. What is going on in your head?

Irene Ctori, Division of Optometry and Visual Sciences, City University. Variations in macular pigment: the eye's internal "sunglasses"

Rachel Dunn, Department of Philosophy, Durham University. The life and pedagogy of John Dalton

George Loumakis, School of Engineering and Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University. Low cost solar thermal collectors

Hardial Kalsi, Informatics, King's College London. The mechanics of the human speech system

Ami Sato, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University. Rapport building in online discussion forums

Melissa Matz, Dept of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Would you survive ovarian cancer?

Joanna Turner, Computer Science, Loughborough University. Robots to the rescue!

Sara Han, Apparel, Manchester Metropolitan University. Fashion upcycling in the UK womenswear industry

Raveen Sandher, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University. Spermatogonial Stem Cells (SSCs): A route to preserving fertility

Nicole Parish, School of Psychology, Plymouth University. Does this child have Autism? Exploring decision making in teams diagnosing Autism. FINALIST. See Nicole's presentation at the live final on 8th September.

Protima Amon, The Blizard Institute, Queen Mary, University of London. It's a bug's life

James Reynolds, Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University. The age of onset of cannabis use and executive function. FINALIST. See James's presentation at the live final on 8th September.

Rebbecca Pratchett, Social Work and Social Care, Swansea University. Better the family you know?: Exploring outcomes of children and young people in kinship care in South Wales

Jonathon Hannabuss, Crick Institute, University College London. How do dividing cells know where to cut? FINALIST. See Jonathon's presentation at the live final on 8th September.

Jo Bac, School of Law, University of Aberdeen. Artificial Intelligence: who owns the rights?

Amyce Aurora-Smith, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Powertrain Vehicle Research Centre PVRC), University of Bath. Improving vehicle efficiency using springs

Nenadi Adamu, Institute of Applied Social Research, University of Bedfordshire. Young people and the informal economy

Rosalind Davies, Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham. A lighter route to cleaner air 

Rene Ankrah, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, School of Life Sciences, University of Bradford. ‘Smart bomb’ to cure head and neck cancers?

Catherine Gilmore, School of Clinical Sciences, University of Bristol. The role of the placenta in foetal health

Henrike Resemann, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge. Die another way: a novel cell death mechanism in the breast

Laurike in't Veld, History, University of Chichester. Genocide in comic books

Rob Ewin, Applied Health, Psychology and Social Studies, University of Cumbria. Understanding vulnerability in criminal justice

Chen Zhao, School of Clinical Sciences, University of Edinburgh. Astrocyte: the star of motor neuron disease

Jon Chamberlain, Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex. Using social networks to monitor biodiversity

Michelle Webb, History, University of Exeter. As fowle a ladie as the small pox could make her: facial disfigurement in sixteenth and seventeeth century England

Felicity Hayball, College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow. Children's opportunities for outdoor physical activity

Dara Mojtahedi, International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology, University of Huddersfield. Why are crime eyewitnesses unreliable?

Mike Jestico, Department of Psychology, University of Leeds. The power of photo-elicitation. FINALIST. See Mike's presentation at the live final on 8th September.

Gina Fox, Criminology, University of Leicester. The rehabilitation lottery

Adam Rush, School of Fine and Performing Arts, University of Lincoln. Theatrical cannibalism

Fiona Henderson, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester. A picture is worth a thousand words- shedding light on cancer

Zaid Janjua, Manufacturing and Process Technologies, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham. On thin ice! OVERALL WINNER. See Zaid's presentation at the live final on 8th September.

Eleanor Bath, Zoology, University of Oxford. Copulations lead to combat: mating and female aggression in fruit flies

Lee White, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth. Zirconia: an inter-planetary storyteller

Bridget Ogwezi, School of Construction Management and Engineeering, University of Reading. A naturally adaptable facade element

Sean Hill, Computing, Science and Engineering, University of Salford. Immersive virtual reality design system

Davide Zilli, Faculty of Physical Science and Engineering, University of Southampton. Monitoring endangered wildlife with smartphones

Patrick Low, Department of Culture, University of Sunderland. Privacy, punishment and the press: execution in the North East 1750-1880 

Richard Churches, Business (FBEL), University of Surrey. The Followership Effect: charismatic oratory, hypnoidal and altered states of consciousness

Paull Robathan, Architecture and the Built Environment, University of the West of England. Healthy affordable housing by design

Helen Shallow, Health, Nursing and Midwifery, University of the West of Scotland. Are you listening to me?

Jocelyn Watkins, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick. How is Mama Matlala's mobile phone improving her health in rural South Africa?

David Barron, Department of Psychology, University of Westminster. Schizotypy - an international study of socio-cultural influences and electrophysiological markers

James Strachan, Department of Psychology, University of York. Why do I trust you?


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