Vitae 3MT competition 2018 process

Information for institutions interested in joining the Three Minute Thesis competition 2018

We are hosting the 2018 Vitae Three Minute Thesis ® (3MT) competition, which is open to any Vitae member organisation that holds an institutional 3MT competition for its own researchers before the end of June 2018.

Format for 3MT 2018

Single institutions or pairs/groups of institutions holding 3MT competitions should conform to the rules set out by the University of Queensland at

  • Each Vitae member institution needs to register their intention to hold a 3MT competition with Vitae. If your University has not previously held a 3MT competition, please ensure you also register with the University of Queensland. It is important that the University of Queensland's revised criteria is applied to all 3MT competitions. Vitae judges will be scoring using the revised criteria
  • The 3MT branding guidelines publicised by the University of Queensland should be followed on all web pages, printed and other materials associated with local competitions
  • Our UK semi-final will be an online event
  • Our UK final will be a live event, held at the 2018 Vitae Researcher Development International Conference during the gala dinner.
  • At the final a judges’ choice winner and a people’s choice winner will be chosen.


  • The video entry to the semi-final should be provided to Vitae by 6th July. It is advisable for you to have this ready by 29 June 2018
  • The online semi-final will run during July and August  
  • The six finalists will be announced by mid August  (exact date to be advised).
  • The final will take place in Birmingham on the 17th September 2018 during the gala dinner. All six finalists will need to attend in person and will present to the Vitae conference participants.


  • Doctoral candidates who have not yet had their viva at the time of the local competition will be eligible to enter this national competition
  • Semi-final entries may be filmed during the local competition or separately
  • The same rules apply to the online stage as apply to the live events (1 slide, no props, 3 minutes maximum etc)
  • No individual entries to the online semi-finals are permitted. Semi-finalists must be winners of a local competition. Only a single winner per institution may be put forward to the Vitae competition.


  • Details of how to enter the online semi-final will be publicised to all Vitae member institutions, online and details will be sent directly to those who express an interest in joining the 2018 competition
  • Participating institutions should be prepared to cover expenses incurred by winners taking part in the nation-wide competition, such as travel and accommodation costs for the live final
  • Details of entries to the 2018 competition are on the Vitae website.

Contact us at or call 01223 460277