Vitae 3MT semi-finalists 2019

Congratulations to all our 2019 semi-finalists! Each is the winner of their institution’s Three Minute Thesis competition. Presentations were reviewed, scored and discussed by our semi-final judging panel.

Alice Bowman, Abertay University, Companionship Games: A design framework for emotionally engaging and empathetic interactive characters

Nashid Alam, Aberystwyth University, Breast Cancer: the best protection is early detection

Kiran Kandade, Aston University, Reaching Across Family Boundaries: A Qualitative Study on the Role of Relationships Between Family Successors and Nonfamily Managers in Family Businesses and their Impact on a Successful Succession

Gabriella McGrogan, Birkbeck, University of London, Against our Community Standards: "Outsider" witnessing of atrocity and social media censorship

Saqlain Suleman, Brunel University, Curing a Broken Heart

Pietroni Spenst, Canterbury Christ Church University, Hidden Gifts

Luke Kidwell, Cardiff University, Cleaning up the world with my magic sponge

Felix Batsch, Coventry University, Have a nap! Let your car drive!

Roberto Gonzalez Caballero, Cranfield University, Aerodynamic performance analysis of SKYLON hypersonic speed vehicle at subsonic speeds

Leon Reichle, De Montfort University, Housing relationships: the disruption and emergence of tenants' relations in the process of displacement

Anitha Karthi, Edinburgh Napier University, People worry about wind and are hit by surge water

Edward Averell, Glasgow Caledonian University, A Rhythm-Based Game for Stroke Rehabilitation

Vasiliki Voulgaridou, Heriot-Watt University, Ultrasound responce to tumour induced angiogenesis

Yaar Gagan, Keele University, It feels like playing a video game': Lethal Drones and Dehumanisation in the 'Holy Land' of Israel and Palestine

Christian Hurry, King's College London, Can we use maths and theoretical physics to find a cure for cancer?

Matthias Pilz, Kingston University, Game-Theoretic Approaches for Smart Prosumer Communities: Storage Scheduling and Energy Sharing

Rebecca Shepherd, Lancaster University, Can fat cells be used to improve bone health?

Gemma Griffiths, Liverpool John Moores University,  Punk Feminism in the 1990s: Foregrounding Riot Grrrl as an Artistic Movement

Vera Unwin, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, A simple genetic test for the detecting insecticide resistance in mosquitoes

Muriel Lisson, London South Bank University, Non-Executive Directors and Corporate Strategy: Theory and Exploratory Empirical Insights from FTSE 350 Companies

Jennifer Glover, Loughborough University, Turning Jet Engine Noise Down to 2020

Nicola Edwards, Manchester Metropolitan University, Understanding Cardiovascular Disease in Lupus: A "Risky" Business

Elizabeth Schlappa, Newcastle University, Going solo: masturbating women in the 18th century

Lucie Malard, Northumbria University, Microbial biogeography and colonization in the Arctic Region

Rosemary Cowen, Queen's University Belfast, Notes on a G-string

Tigan Daspan, Robert Gordon University, Entrepreneurial process in a resource constrained environment: Evidence from Nigerian rural farmers

Gayathri Balasubramanian, Staffordshire University, Assessing the risks of diabetic foot using vascular, neurological and biomechanical parameters

Darren Scott, Swansea University, Finding Greater Success in Fitness Technologies

Meredith Martyn, University College London, It's just a Phase: Inefficiency in cancer clinical trials

Katya Dimitrova Petrova, University of Aberdeen, Water: victim and driver of change

Cai Lyons, University of Birmingham, If I had been born Henry instead of Mary, my life would have been very different: Modern art and Mary Swanzy (1882-1978)

Alexander Kolliari-Turner, University of Brighton, Muscle memory and anabolic steroids - are the performance enhancing benefits long lasting?

Rebecca Shaw, University of Bristol, The Augustan Marriage Plot: A Narratological Study of the leges Iuliae

Neil Cook, University of Central Lancashire, (Re) presentation of cancer awareness messages in UK newspapers

Kate Miller, University of Chester, Police Interviews with Homicide Suspects: Investigation into The Effect of Suspect Veracity on Interviewer Style and Strategies

Charitos Zapitis, University of Derby, Freshwater mussels as biological filters in polluted waters

Veronika Dzetkulicova, University of Dundee, When fingerprints get under your skin

Mariyah Mathai, University of East Anglia, Emotion regulation in leader-follower relationships: A cultural perspective

Megan Whitehorn, University of East London, That Syncing Feeling: The Role of Eye Gaze in Parent-Child Brainwave Synchrony

Frankie Greenwood, University of Edinburgh, How can I know you when there are no words

Paul Galbally, University of Essex, It's a Family Affair

Jennifer Finlay, University of Exeter, Optimising production and welfare standards of lumpfish

Vilius Savickas, University of Greenwich, Funny Heart Beats and Thirty Life-saving Seconds

Chinyere Sam-Okerenta, University of Huddersfield, The Exploration of UK Black Cancer Experiences of Support and Care Continuity

Will Mason, University of Kent, Is the podocyte skeleton the key to a healthy kidney?

Salah Sharief, University of Leeds, Drone Warfare and the Dehumanisation of War

Gaurav Gulsin, University of Leicester, Thinning or Spinning: the Key to Preventing Heart Disease in Type 2 Diabetes

Ehsan Ahmadian, University of Lincoln, Energy and Urban Built Form

Ismaeel Ramzan, University of Manchester, Cheaper Science Using Machine Learning

Dyedra Morrissey, University of Oxford, Late Again?! The Psychology of The Planning Fallacy

Paula Boeira, University of Plymouth, Gut Bacteria Products: Liver enemies?

Debbie Parker Kinch, University of Portsmouth, Bessie Parkes Belloc: the forgotten feminist pioneer

Matthew Greenwell, University of Reading, How to measure what we can't see - a conservation conundrum

John Nuttall, University of Salford, Cellular Senescence: Tackling a root cause of age-related disease

Rebecca Peters, University of South Wales, Big Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance with Tata Steel

Gabriela Sitinova, University of Southampton, Closing molecules inside carbon cage

Bryony Hockin, University of St Andrews, Making Chemical Reactions Happen with Sun light

Momchil Vasilev, University of Strathclyde, Robotic Inspectors - Answering Our Industry's Needs

Mayokun Ajeigbe, University of Sunderland, Microcin?

Gavrielle Untracht, University of Surrey, Size Matters: New tools for multi-scale imaging of tumours

Noora Nevala, University of Sussex, The fish view of the world

Guillermo Bardera, University of the West of Scotland,  What's on the menu? Understanding the feeding behaviour of the pacific white shrimp

Nathalie Mezza Garcia, University of Warwick, The Complexities of Offshore Properties

Megan Sharkey, University of Westminster, It's just not good enough