Vitae 3MT® quarter and semi-finalists 2020

Congratulations to all our 2020 quarter and semi-finalists! Each is the winner of their institution’s Three Minute Thesis competition. Presentations were reviewed, scored and discussed by our semi-final judging panel.

Finalists Vitae 3MT® 2020

  • Sogol Salamipour, King's College London, How can we better identify women at risk of premature birth 
  • Vinaya Srirangam Nadhamuni, Queen Mary University of London, The war on cancer: understanding the immune system's strategies for fighting bowel cancer
  • Claire Carswell, Queen's University Belfast, Using the arts to transform the experience of haemodialysis
  • Nekisa Zakeri, University College London, The New Cells on the Block: removing the brakes for liver cancer therapy
  • Lucy Thomas, University of Birmingham, Gravity is Pathetic! Shedding Light on Gravity with Models of Spinning Black Hole Mergers
  • Daniel Koomson, University of Derby, Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity of Rural Coastal Fishing Communities to Climate and Environmental Change

Semi-finalists 2020

Emma Nolan, Ulster University, How does that make you feel?' The Psychological Staple That Continues to Prompt Research

James Boxall-Clasby, University of Bath, Tracking disease outbreaks: What wastewater tells us about community health

David Brigido, University of Bristol, Coffee, Fish, and Aeroplanes

Anna Berekmari, University of Leeds, Tape stripping: a non-invasive technique to diagnose inflammatory skin diseases

Ulrik Lyngs, University of Oxford, Design interventions for digital self control

Zainab Kidway, University of York, Can we catch it before it is Cancer?

Quarter finalists

Angelos Photiades, Aberystwyth University, The seaweed invasion: every cloud has a silver lining

Megan Vaughan, Anglia Ruskin University, New Test for the Early Detection of Glaucoma

Rebecca Bignold, Aston University, A cure for asthma? Targeting stem cells

Denise Ragusa, Brunel University, How can gene editing help us understand infant leukaemia?

Matthew Lamaudiere, Coventry University, Black Hawk Brown

Sarah Gosling, Cranfield University, Breast microcalcifications as biomarkers of tissue pathology

Jane Hearst, De Montfort University, Building and Measuring Value of Arts-for-Health: An Indicative Studying into the Commerciality of Services Prior to and Post the Application of Blue Ocean Strategy

Laura Erel, Durham University, Can we hear musical syntax?

Nichola Renwick, Glasgow Caledonian University, How do you solve a problem like Charcot foot?

Paola Ruffo, Heriot-Watt University, Humans, words and machines: the future of literature in the era of Google Translate

Ifrah Mussa, Kingston University, Prediction and Prevention of Ice Formation on Wind Turbines in Cold Climates

Richie Kirwan, Liverpool John Moores University, Healthy muscles, healthy heart

Sarah Ofori Ansah, London South Bank University, Young adults’ experiences of dialysis and kidney transplant decision-making

Marie-Juliet (Mj) Brown, Loughborough University, Moving is Medicine : A 3D Breast Cancer Model

Sigrun Wagner, Manchester Metropolitan University, The potential of shade-grown coffee to contribute to protection of coffee yields and quality in a changing climate

Emily Mulligan, Newcastle University, On the Clock: How Bacteria Divide

Sara Young, Northumbria University, Early intervention for Children is key to positive mental health, for future generations

Yousif Al-Daffaie, Nottingham Trent University, Caged Birds don't Sing: The Buried Voice of Mosul

Llucia Mascorda Cabre, Plymouth University, Environmental Impacts and Sustainability of an Offshore Mussel Farm


Amie Woodward, Sheffield Hallam University, Movement Matters: Exercise to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Ema Talam, Staffordshire University, Evaluating the potential of public policy to jointly promote firms exporting and innovation

Manuela Pacciarini, Swansea University, Lipid Biomarker Discovery In Neurodegenerative Diseases

Kirsty Haslam, University of Aberdeen, An investigation into the Social and Cultural Impact of Warfare in Late MEdieval and Early Modern Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Hanan Hindy, University of Abertay Dundee, Cyberattacks: learning in progress



Santa Zascerinska, University of Central Lancashire, Kicking the bucket' or living life to the full?

Elizabeth Mills, University of Dundee, An interdisciplinary approach to tackle the problem of marine invasive species

Julian Alexander, University of East London, The Cinematic Hip Hop Narrative: Filmmaking in Rhyme

Jessica Hill, University of Exeter, You've Got Mail

Karifa Sanfo, University of Greenwich, Sun + Water = Green Energy

Ijeoma Ukeni, University of Huddersfield, Service, Moral and Motivational Benefits of Servant Leadership

Linus Peitz, University of Kent, Psychological causes and consequences of polarising politics. The case of Brexit

Angatu Yousuf, University of Leicester, TMAO: a link between meat consumption and cardiovascular disease

Evelyn Oginni, University of Salford, Work-life Balance of Female Academics in Higher Education: A comparative study of UK and Nigeria

James Easton, University of Southampton, Modelling the Shape of Love

Haifa Tebib, University of Strathclyde, The Value of information in Seismic Hazard Assessment

Kerry Brennan-Tovey, University of Sunderland, Who is more deserving of my help? How COVID-19 has helped change society's views

Samantha Muir, University of Surrey, In Search of Classical Ukulele

Melina Alejandra Galdos Frisancho, University of Sussex, Making Sense of Inclusive Innovation: Institutional Drivers for Knowledge Production and Organisational Learning in Peru

Asma Sikander, University of the West of Scotland, Microbial Leaching of Valuable Metals from PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and Tantalum Capacitor Scrap with Emphasis on Tantalum

Rohini Ajaykumar, University of Warwick, Studying bacterial resistance for antimicrobial drug development

Jonny Dudley, York St John University, Does Alcohol Affect your Willingness to Intervene into Sexual Violence?