Vitae 3MT® finalists, semi-finalists and quarter finalists 2021

Congratulations to all our finalists! The final will take place on Friday 10 September at 12:15 where the 6 finalists will deliver their presentations, judged by our judging panel. The audience will be able to vote for their People's Choice winner after all presentations have been given.

Congratulations to Vitae 3MT® 2021 winners!

Judge's Choice winner

Ana Pavlovic, Kingston University, Prestress losses of pretensioned BFRP reinforced concrete beams

People's Choice Winner 2021

Manuela Carnaghi, University of Greenwich, Houston - the mosquito has landed

Finalists Vitae 3MT® 2021 

Mohammed Farooqui, University of Huddersfield, An exploration of the factors favouring positive educational outcomes at GCSE of male Pakistani learners in a Northern Mill City

Theo Issitt, University of York, The Smell of Cells

Mike Richardson, University of Bath, Seeing with the tongue

Alena Vdovchenko, Queen Mary, University of London, Key to the brain: open your mind to drugs

Congratulations to all our 2021 quarter and semi-finalists! Each is the winner of their institution’s Three Minute Thesis competition. Presentations were reviewed, scored and discussed by our quarter and semi-final judging panel.

Semi-finalists 2021

Clayton Bevas, University of Surrey, Between a steel and a hard place: The interface chemistry of MDI and steel surfaces

Gemma Donovan, University of Sunderland, Texting Alice: a community pharmacy intervention to support medication taking

Minerva Fadel, University of Westminster, Building Peace & Inclusion Through Architecture

Simone Hatchard, University of South Wales, Understanding the use of digital forensices in the preventions and investigation of major crime in England and Wales

Lydia Mapstone, University College London, Genetic Engineering for Spirulina for Future Settlers on the Red Planet

Sanne Van Den Berg, University of St Andrews, From 1st Century Stories to the News Today

Quarter finalists 2021

Zina Alfahl, Queen's University Belfast, The relationship between bacterial number, clinical measures and quality of life in people with bronchiectasis

Jane Bates, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Wellbeing, poverty and advanced cancer in Malawi : can palliative care help?

Gabriela Belsley, University of Oxford, 3D T1 Mapping of the Liver

Rachael Blakey, Cardiff University, Mediation's potential in our family justice system today

Shirsha Bose, Loughborough University, MIND THE GAP!!! Dry vs Wet Collagen

David Burke, Bath Spa University, The Hydra, Many-Headed and Immortal: Developing a Critical Methodology for Mapping Theoretical Continuities and Discontinuities in Metal Music Studies

Valeria Carini, Liverpool John Moores University, When 2+2=5: the potential of lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles as efficacy-enhancing, anti-infective delivery systems

Jakub Ciesielczuk, University of Lincoln, Participation of non-state actors in regimes regulating conservation and sustainable use of marine genetic resources

Jazmin Conway, Plymouth University, Deep Sea Sponges as a Novel Source of Biologics

Faye Davis, University of Hertfordshire, Radio AGN in Dwarf Galaxies

George Dransfield, University of Birmingham, Planet Hunting from Antarctica

Jake Dyble, University of Exeter, Communities of Risk: Dealing with the Unpredictable in the Age of Sail

Fiona Fairbairn, University of Kent, Raising the Wealthy: Philanthropy, Children and the Inter-Generational Transfer of Wealth

Iosto Fodde, University of Strathclyde, The impact of a large asteroid with Earth poses an enormous danger for humanity.

Rosie Ford, University of Bristol, Fungal secondary metabolites: exploring a kingdom of possibilities

Daniel Gaffiero, University of Derby, Exploring Cognitive Biases in Pain: The role of Attention, Interpretation and Memory Biases

Tunde Geher-Herczegh, University of Reading, Jelly biology and the quest for an artificial heart

Anne-Marie Greenslade, Leeds Metropolitan University, Am I free? - Life after modern slavery in the UK

Kristen Hawkins, Swansea University, Brain Wars

Markus Hetheier, Manchester Metropolitan University, Countersilence: voicing Manchester's streets through sound. An interdisciplinary digital media project using soundmaps and psychogeography to express the relationship between the self and the city.

Madelaine Hill, Northumbria University, Can wearable technology help physiotherapists make smarter return to sport decisions?

Evette Hillman, University of Warwick, Can Faecal Microbiota Transplantation be used to Treat Bile Acid Diarrhoea

Terri Holmes, University of East Anglia, Finding the LNC: Investigating the role of lncRNAs in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Helle Bernstorf Hydeskov, Nottingham Trent University, Would you choose to poison yourself, wildlife and nature?

Curie Kim, King's College London, The Positive Impact of Intermittent Fasting on Memory and the Brain

Cameron Kirk, Newcastle University, What do Game of Thrones and Parkinson's disease have in common?

Mariam Krayem, Anglia Ruskin University, Promoting fine motor skills using digital technology in the early years in England and in Lebanon


Katie Major, University of Plymouth Marjon, From farm to palm: understanding and encouraging sustainable diets

Ayodeji Matuluko, Glasgow Caledonian University, A silent pandemic: how can we protect antibiotics?

Mohammadreza Mazarei, Staffordshire University, I had a dream

Dennis Mc Call Jr, De Montfort University, You can put the blame on me

Sara Medina-Lombardero, Heriot-Watt University, Some wounds, don't heal...

Katie Mills, Sheffield Hallam University, The Dynamic Interaction between a Football and a Surface

Nadine Mirza, University of Manchester, Ensuring accurate dementia tests for everyone

Fran Morris, University of Leeds, Simulating Thunderstorms in West Africa

Holly Neill, University of Ulster, Forget pigs in blankets. Is it time for pigs in sunbeds?

Kevwe Olomu, University of Salford, Air Pollution Perceptions and Responses: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study  and Analysis of Nigeria and the United Kingdom

Jessica Rushton, Durham University, Revolting Maids

Anna Sanchez Avila, University of Dundee, Synapses and ALS, a tale of stars

Sean Scott, University of Leicester, The Importance of Battery Recycling and How it can be Simplified by... Seaweed

Zaria Serfontein, Cranfield University, Drag Augmentation Systems for Space Debris Mitigation

To follow

Akila Tabbi, Canterbury Christ Church University, "Reading is a right... people should not judge you for it!"

Ashish Upadhyay, Robert Gordon University,  Combating Paperwork: Automated Report Generation

Hannah Vallin, Aberystwyth University, Let's talk sh*t.  Who ate what and why?

Rovier Verdi, Coventry University, Eco-intensification of irrigated rice production

Milena Watanabe Bavaresco, University of Southampton, Good vibrations: using motion to detect early signs of structural damage

Amy Worrall, Keele University, Towards the Development of Early Intervention Diagnostics for Metabolic Age Related Hearing Loss

Yuezhou Yang, London School of Economics and Political Science, Beyond China-Africa