Vitae 3MT® competition 2022 process


In 2022, we will once again host the Vitae Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition, open to all Vitae members holding an institutional 3MT® competition for their own researchers by the end of June 2022.

Format for 3MT® 2022

Single institutions or pairs/groups of institutions holding 3MT® competitions should conform to the rules set out by the University of Queensland at

  • Each Vitae member institution needs to register their intention to hold a 3MT® competition with Vitae. If your University has not previously held a 3MT® competition, please ensure you also register with the University of Queensland. It is important that the University of Queensland's revised criteria is applied to all 3MT® competitions. Vitae judges will be scoring using the revised criteria
  • The 3MT® branding guidelines publicised by the University of Queensland should be followed on all web pages, printed and other materials associated with local competitions
  • Our UK semi-final will be an online event
  • Our UK final will be an online event, on Thursday 15 September 2022
  • At the final, a judges’ choice winner and a people’s choice winner will be chosen


  • The video entry to the semi-final should be provided to Vitae by 1 July 2022. It is advisable for you to have this ready by 24 June 2022
  • The online quarter & semi-finals will run during July and August  
  • The six finalists will be announced by end of August  
  • The final will take place online. All six finalists will need to attend the online event and will present to event attendees.


  • Doctoral candidates who have not yet had their viva at the time of the local competition will be eligible to enter this national competition
  • Semi-final entries may be filmed during the local competition or separately
  • The same rules apply to the online stage as apply to the live events (1 slide, no props, 3 minutes maximum etc)
  • No individual entries to the online semi-finals are permitted. Semi-finalists must be winners of a local competition. Only a single winner per institution may be put forward to the Vitae competition.


  • Details of how to enter the online semi-final will be publicised to all Vitae member institutions, online and details will be sent directly to those who express an interest in joining the 2022 competition
  • Participating institutions should be prepared to cover expenses incurred by winners taking part in the nation-wide competition, such as travel and accommodation costs for the live final, if applicable

Contact us at  or call 07590 445184